Former trades of Saint Georges district

  • Duration: 1:00 à 1:30
  • Level of difficulty: easy to medium
  • Departure: Avenue du Doyenné, Lyon 5th
UGS : X.1.09.Z Catégories : ,


  • Duration: between 1:00 and 1:30
  • Difficulty level: from easy to intermediate
  • Start: from Doyenné Avenue, the game runs through the alleys of the entire Saint George district. You will discover treasures of the Lyon heritage, you will meet real or imaginary characters, you will decipher unlikely street names and you will go back in time through several ages
  • Principle: visit and stroll through the streets of Saint George district in Lyon, according to riddles. All teams receive the same questions, but sorted in different orders so that everyone can fully play his part. Of course, the teams are never far from each other and intersect throughout the treasure hunt, which stimulates the competition and creates the playful atmosphere.
  • This game is designed for teams of 2. 3 or 4 people. It is proposed either as a support of visit (1 only team), or to play several, up to 8 teams (up to 32 people).
  • Pack content: teams game supports (riddles, appendices and answers support) + tips for use + advice to the organizer + correction support.


 Choose your pack according to the number of teams you want … Delivery in France only

Informations complémentaires

Paper version

Delivery of the pack in 3 to 5 days by mailpost. The organizer can play. Players never get stuck.
Content: The starting point and instructions to help the organizer start and debrief the game, 1 game kit for each team and solutions in a sealed envelope to be opened only at the end of the game.